Monday, July 11, 2011

Andrei Equality means paying Gays more than straights in Cambridge Mass.

Cutting edge stuff in the peoples paradise of Massachusetts where the city fathers personhoods of Cambridge have decided that city employees married to someone of the same gender as themselves should receive higher remuneration than those who are single or married to someone of opposite gender.

The justification for this is an additional federal tax burden place upon these employees arising from health benefits received for "spouses" and the lack of recognition by the Federal Government of same gender marriage.

Of course entirely lost on these modern age equality warriors is the subtle fact that the reason why benefits where bestowed upon the married in the first place was a recognition of the value of marriage to the community in that it provided for the nurture and sustenance of the next generation and this was an economic activity to be encouraged and supported.

Yes, yes, I know Lesbians can and have produced turkey baster babies.

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