Saturday, July 30, 2011

Andrei A great opportunity folks, don't pass it up

A great opportunity or how empty chatter can rob you blind?
An influential British business leader is urging New Zealanders to harness the business opportunities of carbon tax and not just look at its costs.

There are real things in this world and phantom things. Cement is a real thing, you can use it to build high rises to house business leaders. And bridges for the trucks that carry their champagne from the warehouse to wine store to pass over.

But to make cement you heat limestone (CaCO3 for all you savy readers out there) and it gives of molecules of a deadly GHG (that would be CO2 FAYSROT).

And thus those greedy people who make cement for personal profit (and to feed their families) must be discouraged from this activity by being forced to buy a new commodity on the market to wit CARBON CREDITS. Each molecule of deadly GHG must be matched with a bought and paid for whatever of Carbon Credit.

Carbon Credits are of course phantoms and the producers of them are producing them because the authorities that administer this scheme deem them to be so doing and define the amount they are producing by whatever mechanism they deem them to be producing them by's deemed production ability. And if that sentence doesn't make sense to you don't worry particularly it because the whole thing doesn't make sense.

The whole thing is flim flam.

But as all great con men know there is often money in flim flam.

Or business opportunities.

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I have been in the UK for the past year and I grew up in the uk until 12-13 years ago.
Sir Richard Lambert, never heard of him.
And either DomPost reporters are so gullible and do not any research or they have an agenda and accept warmist views without question.
Now, the implications are seeking in, the latest business concerns are the rising costs of fuel pushing high energy users offshore and the public are increasingly worried about the rising price of fuel too.
There will be trouble, if as predicted, Britian has another severe winter.
Many of the tabloids and the Daily Telegraph have woken up to the costs and con of the carbon cultists.
Sadly, the monopolistic BBC still abuses its power to pump out the warmist line.

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