Friday, July 29, 2011

Andrei Bailing out

Headline: 'Brain drain' continues for National

Of course anyone with nous and skills will go. My nephews and nieces have all gone as have my two eldest.

My oldest is actually back for a visit as I write. She graduated last year applied for four jobs and got four job offers being as she had consistently very high grades (excuse a fathers pride in the achievements of his own) including exactly what she sought on the other side of the Tasman.

In any case one night last week the news was on and there was an item about the firemans pay dispute which quoted their hourly rate. She was gobsmacked to put it mildly how low that was.

She wont be coming back apart from the occasional holiday.

Why would she?

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Lucia Maria said...

My husband and I came back from Australia after living there for 13 years because our family is here. We knew we would take a pay drop, but the cost of living here is much lower as well.

I think for young people it's fine earning more money when they don't have a family and aren't trying to buy a house, but once they hit that point, they are more likely to come back.

NZ, even though it's a little bonkers, is a much nicer place to raise children than many wealthier places in the world that are crowed and horrendously expensive.

Maybe a big part of the problem is the very high value we all place on money, which really can't buy happiness, yet it's our measure of success?

Andrei said...

Yes some will return.

But in your case you both have ties here and you've come back to one of the nicest and most well developed places in this fair land.

The oldest nephew has been gone ten years now and wont be coming back. He has put down new roots as has his sister.

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