Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Andrei Reasons why illiteracy remains an intractable problem in New Zealand

An issue of great concern - the way the younger generation use the word "gay" in everyday speech.

A man on a mission to stamp it out is Warren Bowers. He is a highly qualified primary school teacher. He has a masters degree on homosexuality in education.

Homosexuality in education? Why not a masters degree with subject matter pertaining to things like raising literacy and numeracy in our young folk. Why do we need political agendas introduced in primary schools?

Well we all know why.

And Orwellian control of the English language continues apace.

Source: Teacher out to ban pupils' use of 'gay'


As an aside "gay" was Victorian slang for a prostitute that has long since fallen into disuse.

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Lucia Maria said...

Yeah, that Masters in Homosexuality in Education got me as well. I wonder what it means beyond noticing how primary school students use the word "gay"?

I hope he's as concerned about the early sexualisation of children as many parents are.

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