Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Andrei There's a freakin blizzard outside

And I've got to drive 14 kilometers over the hill to collect little T from school in a couple of hours.

Oh joy.

Remind me again why we are paying this characters ridiculous carbon indulgences.

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Lucia Maria said...

Has it cleared up any yet, Andrei?

I have to go out as well very soon, and while it's not a blizzard around these parts, it's getting very dark, windy, rainy and ominous.

Hope my trampoline stays put.

PM of NZ said...

Not much better here - sleety with vicious 40 knot plus gusts. Been like that for 3 days. Paddocks are totally waterlogged. Also have seen the first patches of white stuff round here below 1000m not 2Km away.

Lucia Maria said...

That sounds very wintery, PM.

It's cleared up here now. We still have the wind, but the clouds have gone and the sun is out! Probably something to do with being by the beach.

I was talking to some shop girls yesterday, and they were telling me about their tornado experiences on Saturday. One of them lived the next beach up from me, and she said that she saw mini-tornadoes forming in the sea, and then one of them must have hit their house because the shaking was terrible. I think I must have just got the edge of it when the hail came. I closed my blinds when it happened, just in case the windows shattered.

Andrei said...

It cleared up before I made my trip, it was almost whiteout when I wrote this post though.

Endless speculation on the way home as to whether or not there will be school tomorrow.

I just shrugged my shoulders and said quite truthfully that I have no idea what the night will bring.

It's going to be a very cold one though.

The fire is lit and the cat has assumed her rightful place in front of it and in her world all is well - if the glaciers melt away a 100 years from now what is it to her?

Hoolian said...

Because we have international obligations under Kyoto Protocol; because all political parties promised foresters carbon credits; because we need to protect our clean green image; because NZ needs to lower our emissions and transition to a low carbon economy like the rest of the developed world.

Above all, because we have our international reputation at stake.

Its a small price to pay to protect our $8 billion tourism industry and $14 million agriculture sector.

Also climate change doesn't mean warming of 10 degrees in two years - its a gradual process which will inevitably end in unpredictable and extreme weather over the long term; which includes cold storms.

Personally I never even noticed the ETS change in price - a whopping $3.17 a week.


And how much does that $3.17pw reduce the temperature by?
And are we sure the cost is just $3.17pw.
The costs of eco-lunacy is fare higher in other countries such as the UK and Australia.

Hoolian said...

@Fairfacts Media, maybe that's because their carbon price is higher...

KG said...

"Because we have international obligations under Kyoto Protocol; because all political parties promised foresters carbon credits; because we need to protect our clean green image; because NZ needs to lower our emissions and transition to a low carbon economy like the rest of the developed world..."

Well, somebody drank the Kool-Aid. :)
What a pity India and China and the U.S. are ignoring the Kyoto krap, eh? So we'll be paying them to pollute.
And Australia's carbon tax is predicted to lower the world's temperature (maybe) by a whopping .000004 of a degree.
The world is getting colder by a number of measures and the evidence that it will continue to do so is growing more compelling by the day.
You want a carbon tax, Hoolian? Feel free to send Quisling Key a cheque. The government which made no mention of a warming tax in the lead-up to the election which installed it will be most grateful.The rest of us who prefer science to superstitious garbage regard the ETS as just another vehicle to tax the productive.

The "science" you base your position on is shaky at best, downright dishonest at worst.And for a glimpse of the future, go take a look at the massive rorts and scams carbon trading in Europe has given birth to.

Andrei said...

Not forgetting KG the closure of productive industries and the loss of jobs so the owners can move their production to India - which of course doesn't have an ETS and never will.

KG said...

Apologies for the long copy and paste Andrei, but this says it all in reply to Hoolian and his (her?) ilk:

'The whole enterprise is built on a falsehood, the supposition that nations around the world are taking comparable economy-distorting actions to that proposed by the Gillard government.
There is no really polite way of putting this but it is simply, utterly and comprehensively untrue…
In the US, cap and trade, their name for an emissions trading scheme, is dead and buried. Far from approaching the official US target of reducing 2005 level emissions by 17 per cent by 2020, US emissions grew by 4 per cent last year…
China’s greenhouse gas emissions will increase from 2005 levels of five billion tonnes a year to 12 billion tonnes by 2020. That’s an increase of seven billion tonnes a year. Australia, notionally, in that time might cut emissions by 70 million tonnes. So China’s increase will be 100 times greater than Australia’s decrease....
Japan has not only rejected an ETS approach but is likely, in the wake of the Fukushima disaster, to make renewed investments in coal. Canada has elected a government committed to no carbon tax or ETS. The remaining ETS schemes in a couple of states in the US are falling apart. South Korea has put off action until 2015 at the earliest. The European ETS raises $1 a person and has very little effect on economic activity. India has no interest in a carbon tax approach. It levies a tax on coal of $1 a tonne and its carbon emissions will grow almost as quickly as China’s.

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