Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Andrei A call to return to the mores of old from Te Ururoa Flavell

It was a given for many years that those who took their own lives should not be buried in hallowed ground.

The church has softened its stance in recent times but now
Maori Party MP Te Ururoa Flavell says young suicide victims should be denied tangi and buried at the entrance of cemeteries.
You can see where he's coming from. I once went to a funeral of a guy who had been killed by being run over. There were exactly two people there, including me but not the celebrant or the undertaker which would make it four.

And yet a spectacular death of such a one would bring in every man and his dog to "celebrate his life". It's a very curious phenomena I have noted from time to time.

Source: Condemn suicides: Maori Party MP

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Lucia Maria said...

Funerals should be a send off to the person who has died. They've always been that way until recently, even in pagan times it was a send off. Now it's more about us than the person who has died.

When I die, I need the Requiem Mass with everyone there praying for my soul. I dread the fate of those that miss out on the prayers of the living .

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