Sunday, July 10, 2011

Andrei Choosing a bride

My little T is going to a school formal next Saturday. She's very excited about it. If you have daughters you may know the routine,about what to wear and the investment in new dresses and shoes along with the negotiations and compromises made between mother and daughter over what can be afforded and what can not.

Its really quite lovely.

Of course what we are really seeing is a relic of a bygone age, one where the fundamental importance of the new generation pairing off for the purpose of procreation was still understood. And formal mechanisms developed to create well er um dare I say breeding pairs.

Of course for much of human history and still today in places this pairing of people was regarded as too important to be left up to the young themselves and they were paired by parents, sometimes at an early age.

Funnily enough it may have been Christianity, which nominally at least, has always required that marriage be entered into freely by both partners, which bought about the change where courtship rituals arose where men and women tested and probed each other in order to identify a lifelong partner.

Of course all this has broken down in our modern age as this story from yesterdays Herald attests. Indeed the conventional model of the family is held in disdain by our elites as Lucia's post from the other day illustrated only too well.

In fact the very first line in the story she links reads
Wellington schools are reinforcing the image of traditional families by not stocking books about gay parents, a Victoria University researcher says.
Well I say Wellington Schools should be reinforcing the image of traditional families. In fact developing kids to aspire to this mode of being and to grow into creating a life long, mutually nourishing and fruitful relationship with their spouses. Traditional families are exactly what we need if we don't want a generations of fatherless children growing up in poverty supported by the State.

Without children raised in optimum environments our society, culture and nation has no future, none whatsoever.

Tem├╝jin and Borte whose descendants today are innumerable and whose legacy both good and bad is indisputable

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