Thursday, July 14, 2011

Andrei Pointless posturing from one of the usual suspects

You can count on Keith Locke to be on the wrong side of just about any issue.

And to be a jackass in process.

So he had a go in Parliament yesterday over these Sri Lankan Boat people - We should just take them in no questions asked would be his position.

But he got way out of line, he bought the Prime Minister's mother into the debate, I guess to imply hypocrisy in Mr Key's position.
"This was odd because John Key's own mother was an asylum seeker who fled from Nazi Germany to Britain in 1939," he told Parliament. "For Jewish refugees like her there was no queue to join, they simply took their chances and fled."
It would have been Trevor Mallard who pulled him up on this.
Labour MP Trevor Mallard interrupted Keith Locke's speech, reminding him that MPs don't usually refer to family members of politicians in debates.

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Anonymous said...

Someone should have pointed out that they took their chances and the closest safe country.

I.M Fletcher said...

Someone should tell Locke that it's not the 70s any more, and people don't buy this kind of bullshit hippy-speak nowadays.

scrubone said...

Given they didn't even arrive here, why on earth are we talking about it? Are we that desperate for illegal immigrants?

Seán said...

scrubone - indeed! Much ado about nothing.

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