Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Andrei Surely public opprobrium is part of the punishment

Indeed isn't the concept of applying penalties for antisocial behavior an attempt to deter people from committing the offense in the first place.

Thus if I were to collect images of children being raped I run the risk of my friends, neighbours, colleagues and family thinking I am a sleazy scumbag, a correct assessment I'd posit. And not something I'd would relish happening at all and something that might make me think twice before doing it.

Now I don't need that deterrence factor of course, I am sickened to the core by the very thought that someone could actually rape a baby for their sexual gratification or be sexually gratified by viewing images of the same.

But clearly there are those who need to be deterred.

But our judiciary in it's wisdom doesn't think justice would be served by us knowing who they are.

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Anonymous said...

We demand transparency with our politicians, yet sick demented people who prey on vulnerable children are protected behind a veil of secrecy? This is so wrong.

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