Friday, July 15, 2011

Lucia We have been warned, but not by scientists

"You have been warned", thunders today's headline on the front page of the Dominion Post.

Monstrous storms, extreme droughts, devastating floods - evidence for climage change is now undeniable, say scientists.

These scientists could have just as easily said that evidence for Almighty God being extremely displeased with humanity is now undeniable. In fact, if they had said that instead, they would be more correct.

The ultimate punishment is war.

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scrubone said...

Huh. It used to be that those telling us of global destruction for our sins were mocked by atheists.

Now, those people *are* the atheists.

I personally claim some divine funny-making in that!

KG said...

"..say scientists."
Depends which scientists they choose to quote, doesn't it?

Seán said...

I prefer FNFFA than this nonsense - where is it?

Lucia Maria said...

What part of this post is nonsense, Sean?

Seán said...

That bad weather takes on other meanings - the Almighty or Climate Change. Give me a break.

Lucia Maria said...

You don't think that God can't give us warnings?

Bad weather can kill. It should make people think about their own mortality and their ultimate end.

What would have a better effect? Paying increases taxes to prevent climate change or world wide repentence and conversion?

Muerk said...

I'm a big fan of both world wide repentance and conversion AND cutting the amount of pollutant carbon in our atmosphere. God gave us the earth to be good stewards over and we are clearly failing in that duty. It isn't merely climate change, it's also things like oil slicks and people poaching endangered species.

If we were closer to God then we would be better people, less selfish and materialistic. We would be kinder to our fellow man and our environment.

ZenTiger said...

Along those lines, I think a deep reflection on how we live and the people we need to be would work a lot better than more taxes.

If more taxes are being touted as the solution to climate control, give me a drive for sanctification anytime.

Seán said...

Lucyna - I apologise for my use of the term 'nonsense' to describe the intent of the post. It was rude of me.

But while bad weather can kill indiscriminatingly and thus offer multiple complex questions of "Why?", I can't see it as God's mechanism to have the victims think "about their own mortality and their ultimate end."

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