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The benefits that multiculturalism brings

Oslo July 22nd 2011
Update: This would appear to be the handiwork of a Christian Nazi and perhaps a Freemason - a somewhat rarer beast than the usual suspects.

Update2: Poo-tee-weet


  1. And you know this how?

    Crime and idiocy know no culture.

    What was the culture of Olof Palme's murderer?

    Or how about the culture of Timothy McVeigh?

    Perhaps Martin Bryant was a closet Islamist.

    And how about the culture of the perpetrators of the only terrorist attack in NZ?

    And we all know that John Hinklry Jr was a film critic, don't we?

    No andrei, multiculturalism does not create these crimes, people do. Unhinged people, mad people, religious people.

  2. Bold post Andrei - was my first thought too, but after further reading I expect someone gunning down attendees of a Labour Party youth camp is more likely a McVeigh type than a regular down at the mosque.

  3. This is absolutely true! How many tragedies have to happen before Western governments wake up and realize that the moral relativism is destroying their countries?

  4. Leftrightout, absolutely.

    Andrei, perhaps you'd like to tell us what you really think about multiculturalism and maybe provide us with a few possible 'solutions' to the problem.


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