Sunday, July 10, 2011

Andrei It's a crying shame

For democracy to work we need an opposition, a credible opposition.

With MMP we have a plethora of political parties who could take up that role but despite National being entirely lackluster they only thing that any of the non National parties seem to be able to achieve is to make National look good.

As an exhibit the latest botch-up from ACT.

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robertguyton said...

Not so the Greens.
They're clean.

ZenTiger said...

That idealistic sentiment wouldn't last long if they actually got into power.

Not that I think any of the other parties are capable of anything better.

ZenTiger said...

PS: It's interesting how Hone and others get away with being radical, racist and separatist but ACT get blasted for it.

Co-governance is what is being demanded, and that sounds so much better than apartheid, doesn't it?

Ansell and ACT have decided that this co-governance stuff is part way down a slippery slope, and their advertisement made the mistake of sounding just a little hysterical, because how far down the slope NZ may go is still questionable.

They would have had a better strategy of goading Hone and the Maori Party into coming clean, if that's what they really think - and the conversation about where they want Maori to be in terms of the political system and management of public land would be an interesting one I think.

Only problem is that there are other equally urgent issues facing us like what happens with Canterbury; what happens with our mineral resources; what happens with wealth creation; and how can we avoid the AGW taxation madness given we don't have many feet left to shoot.


But the problem is, ACT is not being racist.
It is the least or only non-racist party of the lot.

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