Friday, July 8, 2011

Lucia More social engineering is required

Lack of gay-parenting books concerns researcher

Wellington schools are reinforcing the image of traditional families by not stocking books about gay parents, a Victoria University reseacher says.


Introducing inclusion and diversity at an early age could have a profound impact on all children. Showing the similarities between families with gay and straight parents would help combat homophobia

I've just been listening to NewsTalkZB (Wellington) talkback this morning, and the callers were overwhelmingly against any sort of social engineering countering this apparent problem being introduced into schools. Not that what the general population wants is considered the final word on such a matter, as the situation in California recently shows, where it is now going to be mandatory to teach gay and lesbian history.

Supporters are hailing the bill as a way to counter the invisibility of the LGBT community in many textbooks and classrooms. They also say it’s an important step toward preventing bullying against students because of their sexual orientation or gender identity.

My oldest son was having problems with another boy harrassing him at school until just recently. What stopped it? Family prayer of the Rosary, with an intention added for the harrassment to stop. Once we started praying the Rosary together as a family just about every night, the boy from the next Monday morning suddenly kept away, whereas beforehand he was finding any opportunity to be near my son so he could kick him, knock him or take his stuff. It was that dramatic. Now I bet you're not going to find any books on the Rosary your general school library (unless it a Catholic school library, and maybe not even there).

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Anonymous said...

Ah yes, the mighty powee of prayer.

Millions starve to death or die of easily cureable ilnesses, but god only has time to take care of a bullied schoolboy.

Way to go, god. See you next time there's a crisis.

Andrei said...

Another taxpayer supported busybody who wants to afflict her pathology upon other peoples children.

Go figure.

Lucia Maria said...

LRO, you don't get anything if you don't ask.

Lucia Maria said...

Actually, not quite right. You get a lot without asking, but not a perfect life with nothing bad ever happening to you. God has His reasons for answering some prayers and not others.

Anonymous said...

I am sure tbhose currently staring in the Horn of Africa have been asking, I am sure many prayers were said during Chrischurch and japan earthquakes and I am sure many prayers go unanswered, day aftyer day after day. I guess most people's prayers are too tough for god, but he sure does a good line in trivial.

Lucia Maria said...


A prayer is more than, "God help me with x, y or z". And in this case, the prayer was 25 minutes long, involving the whole family, and has been repeated by us all almost daily since.

If you were to pray the Rosary, you may be surprised what the results might be. But it has to be a real prayer, not a "give me this, or I won't believe in you" type prayer.

As for all of those people in Christchurch and Japan and the Horn of Africa - you all need those of us who pray, to pray much harder for you.

God can do anything without us, however He will not save us without us. We have to be involved, and that means you as well. Griping from the sidelines is counter-productive.

Anonymous said...

So, pretty much waht you're saying is what I have always said - Its up to each of us to make our own way.

We do all the heavy lifting, god gets the credit.

Jebus, life is so much simpler without gods.

Lucia Maria said...

Actually, no. God does the heavy lifting. If God wasn't actively protecting us, the human race would have been wiped out millenia ago.

Anonymous said...

Hmm, I thought the human race WAS wiped out, millenia ago. By god. Or have I misunderstood Genesis?

And from what does god actively protect us now? His own wrath?

Certainly he has given us no protection from disease, we have done that ourselves. In fact, Jesus was so scientifically illiterate he thought disease was caused by sin.

He gave us no protection from the elements, we had to design our own clothing and shelter. Nor does he protect us from his shoddy planetary design.

Human progress has been in spite of god, not through god.

Danyl said...

The residents of Nagasaki thought God spared them from bombing raids during WWII because they were a predominantly Catholic city.

Anonymous said...

What happened to them, danyl?

They didn't turn and look back, did they?

ZenTiger said...

People who pray and believe are not making a case that they will therefore live forever on this earth, and always be protected from harm.

Aside from the fact you seem to think it proof that God doesn't exist because people who pray still die like every-one else, are you just taking time to aver your beliefs that there is nothing greater in this world than that you see before you?

Muerk said...

I see leftrightout is doing a good impression of Uncle Screwtape. Sorry Screwtape, it's not going to work on us around here. We have faith and trust in God no matter how many trials we have to suffer through, because we know we have our eternal souls at stake and not merely our physical comfort.

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