Monday, July 18, 2011

Lucia I am embarrassed to be a New Zealander

This is just disgusting what these parents have been through at the hands of the State. It's very easy to think the anti-smacking law is no big deal if you are not being targetted. But as this You-Tube clip shows, any parents could be the victim of the State, have their children taken away and be dragged through the courts. It's just a matter of whether or not you attract the attention of the authorities. Everything we were afraid of from has come to pass.

John Key and the New Zealand Parliament should be ashamed.

In the next election, do not vote National, Labour or Green.

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ZenTiger said...

I'm wanting to make a protest vote against all those parties. Haven't decided how best to do this as yet.

Good on Family First for fighting this fight.

One of the things I've said throughout the smacking debate is that as unjust persecution occurs on families, where the State can simply remove children without evidence or due process (aside from filling out forms and making half-arsed judgments) the State will also move to protect their reputation, by threatening parents by permanent removal of children if they speak out.

It's really important for this information to make it out there so others come forward.

We also need an independent ombudsmen to have the power to investigate heavy handed actions of CYFS and the Police over family matters.

In order to reduce the abuse statistics, there is no political downside of taking more and more children away from families on the merest suspicion. The only counter is for families to speak up.

This isn't even about smacking now, because the State is trying to reduce abuse - something very different - and as the video shows, people's reputations will be destroyed to support the requirement to prove the State is doing something about it.

And Goff and others think GST off fruit and raising the taxes is the most important thing for NZ.

Muppets. Evil muppets.

ZenTiger said...

Just to make one of my key points clearer:

CYFS get criticised for NOT taking kids that eventually die or get beaten.

They do not get criticised in any substantive way for taking as many kids as they can, on any pretext, in their efforts to reduce the political fallout of child abuse.

Check out the number of deaths of kids in the care of CYFS, as well as the information in the video above, and start to wonder why this isn't considered a problem.

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