Monday, July 18, 2011

Andrei A nation of ninnies


Someone who saw a 15 second TV commercial of a mother and her daughter in the back seat of a yellow cab saw fit to complain to the Advertising Standards Authority that they weren't belted in.

And instead of treating said complaint according to its merit, i.e. with derision, the ASA actually found that it breached the advertising industry's code of ethics, because it shows "an illegal practice and a disregard for safety".

It did no good that the company behind this ad pointed out that it was filmed overseas in a jurisdiction that doesn't require seatbelts to be worn by backseat passengers or that the vehicle used for filming was an older vehicle and did not have the appropriate belts fitted. They are still in the wrong.

Next they will be airbrushing Captain Haddock's pipe out of Tintin books so as not to encourage pipe smoking in vulnerable children.

er what's that you say?

You're telling me they're doing that already?


Source: Pandora ad belted by NZ authority

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Seán said...

Heh, don't bring Captain Haddock into this, his love of rum was more of a social ill than his pipe ;-)

I have a car registered in 1954. But for those registered from 01.01.1955 all cars must have front seat seatbelts. So I carry a printout copy of this law in the glovebox in case any copper gets wise (the car has no seatbelts whatsoever). Legal aspects aside for safety you can imagine this 1954 car doesn't go all that fast, and it's built like a tank to boot. Airbags would be classified as a "nice-to-have".

Andrei said...

Billions of bilious blue blistering barnacles! Sean, you are right Captain Haddock's alcoholism does set a bad example to vulnerable youth.

Psycho Milt said...

It sets an excellent example. I remember as an 8-year-old assuming from reading Tintin that drinking whiskey makes you stupid. Hasn't stopped me drinking whiskey as an adult (or stopped it from making me stupid occasionally), but no-one can deny the appropriateness of the message.

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