Sunday, January 10, 2010

Fletch #1 iTunes Application? (plus A Handy Tip)

Just a little something that I noticed when I was on iTunes tonight. The number one paid-for application in New Zealand on iTunes is - Sexy Pasties, The Big Boob Edition, and I have noticed it lurking in the top 10 list for a while.
Really? People paid for this app to see photos of big-boobed women wearing pasties on their iPhone? I am wondering who is buying this, that (ignoring the moral question) can't wait until they get home to surf porn on the net?

I'm not sure what kind of commentary that is on Kiwi iPhone users. The mind boggles.

ps, here's an iPhone tip. I was wanting to use percentage function on the iPhone's built-in calculator today, only to find it doesn't have one. Doing some research on the net tells me though, that if you turn your iPhone on it's side (landscape mode) the calculator turns into a scientific one. Very handy.

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