Monday, January 4, 2010

Andrei Things that make you spit

I can't believe this woman.

She has paid for this billboard to be erected  after having been involved in a dispute with
the Ministry of Social Development for eight years over her benefit entitlements.

Well she sure doesn't look poor to me and whatever misfortunes have befallen her she still has the resources at her disposal to pull this stunt.

But what seriously annoys me over all of this is the way it will be used to hammer those in our community who face real hardship and deprivation - sometimes through their own fault, perhaps, but all to frequently not.

The Ministry of Social Development pays plenty of New Zealanders to sit on their butts.

It pays its butt sitting CEO $539,000 while he upholds policy that drives hard grafting Kiwis into bankruptcy.

I was the hapless recipient of their endevours.

Toot to show your contempt.

Trinette Hawse

My question is - is this woman so self absorbed that she cannot grasp that her actions only serve to demonstrate the lack of merit in her claims for Government assistance.

I guess so.

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Psycho Milt said...

Self-absorbed? A woman so outraged at the suggestion that she cut into her property investments rather than draw the dole that she devotes 8 years to disputing it, including blowing large amounts of cash on a petulant billboard featuring her name? Yeah, maybe just a little bit...

Lucia Maria said...


No mention of a husband.

Lucia Maria said...

What I mean is that if she had one, he could help her out.

And what does "hard grafting" mean?

Ciaron said...

Having made skins for that particular site, I can say with reasonable accuracy that the cost of the skin,install, site rental and removal, she won't get much change out of 10k

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