Monday, January 18, 2010

ZenTiger Climate Change out to tender

Spotted a NZ Government Tender out in December 2009 for Climate Change:

TENDER FOR: Integrating climate change principles into tertiary education and sector training

"climate change principles"?? What, like stacking peer review processes? Like labeling skeptics "deniers"? Like using it as a tool to grow the bureaucracy? Like sacrificing science for consensus? Like suggesting taxation paid to a central world governing body is the solution that will drive sustainability? Like the value in sending thousands of politicians and hangers-on to Copenhagen (Australia alone sent 141 including 4 or 5 representatives from the Police) rather than key people trying the world's first sustainable video conference?

I've obviously got the messaging wrong. I suppose it's people like me that can be blamed for the government needing to spend more on propaganda education so as not to disrupt the tax stream. Sorry.

(Photo: Messaging is very important)

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KG said...

I just put up a post and a link to this at CR.
Truth isn't going to derail this scam.

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