Sunday, January 17, 2010

Andrei Uh-Oh

From the Times

BUFFETED by complaints about its inaccurate weather forecasts, the Met Office now faces being dumped by the BBC after almost 90 years.

The Met Office contract with the BBC expires in April and the broadcaster has begun talks with Metra, the national forecaster for New Zealand, as a possible alternative.

The BBC put the contract out to tender to ensure “best value for money”, but its timing coincides with a storm over the Met Office’s accuracy.

Last July the state-owned forecaster’s predictions for a “barbecue summer” turned into a washout. And its forecast for a mild winter attracted derision when temperatures recently plunged as low as -22C.

Strategic leak by the BBC to cut a better deal (for them) from the Met Service when they renew the contract or the beginning of the end for the British Met service?

Metra referred to in the story is not NIWA, in fact in recent times they have often been at loggerheads.

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MK said...

Since when did the bbc care about accuracy, isn't it all man's fault anyway, hot, cold, windy, dry, rainy, whatever. We just need to pay more in taxation, that's all.

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