Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Andrei Gee this is alarming

Right on cue along comes Niwa with a scary headline: Last decade warmest on record - Niwa

Maybe there is something to this global warming business after all.

Or then again maybe not.

The article has to concede that
However, a WMO prediction that 2009 would be the warmest year on record was not borne out in New Zealand, which saw slightly cooler-than-average temperatures.

as well as noting
Data on temperature change across the decade was first collected in New Zealand in the 1960s

So out of, at most five decades, the 2000s were the warmest - always assuming the methodology to determine such things is valid of course.

Anyway the linked story finishes with this little nugget
New Zealand also missed out on much of the extreme weather which last year caused devastating floods, severe droughts, and storms in many parts of the world.

China suffered its worst drought in 50 years, while tropical cyclones lashed the Pacific, causing floods which left 900 dead in the Philippines.

So the climatic Armageddon is bypassing little old New Zealand thus far?

Well according to the insurance industry
We've made it through a year of relatively few natural disasters, German re-insurer Munich Re said Tuesday, but climate change is still a threat and the failed Copenhagen summit ensures costs will rise in the future.

Munich Re said natural catastrophes took many fewer lives and caused much less damage on average in 2009 than in the previous decade.

In an annual look at the cost of natural disasters, the re-insurance giant said: "Losses were far lower in 2009 than in 2008 due to the absence on the whole of major catastrophes and a very benign North Atlantic hurricane season."

It put the death toll this year at "around 10,000," well below the average of 75,000 in each of the past 10 years.

So the world isn't ending quite yet in the rest of the world either.

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Reggie said...
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I.M Fletcher said...

According to THIS REPORT the other day, China is hitting it's lowest temperatures in decades right now.


Severe cold weather warnings were in effect for central and northern China late Sunday, as heavy snowfall disrupted air and vehicle traffic in the nation's capital, forcing massive school closures amid frigid temperatures that were forecast to last until mid-week

Temperatures were forecast to fall to minus 16 degrees Celsius (minus three degrees Fahrenheit) in the nation's capital on Monday and Tuesday, the lowest in about half a century, according to the state-run Xinhua News Agency.

In some areas of northern China temperatures were expected to drop to minus 20 to 32 degrees Celsius, according to Xinhua.


ZenTiger said...

Saw an article in today's paper that these NIWA figures for 2009 are within something miniscule like .05 of a degree of the 1980's figures. 1990 was cooler than both decades, and yet the NIWA guy was saying "this indicates a trend of warming"

I think it indicates a trend of politicizing NIWA.

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