Friday, January 29, 2010

ZenTiger Goff doffs his cap

Labour leader Phil Goff has called for a cap on public service chief executive wages so they do not get paid more than the prime minister, who is currently on $393,000 a year.

He also attacked "bludgers" who evade the top tax rate or rip off ACC and welfare.

It's not clear if he had changed topics or was still getting stuck into the public service executives. What next? Bring back the 60% tax rate? Is Goff even slightly embarrassed his government had instigated 5% automatic pay rises for top Government earners when they were running the show?

Mr Goff said even the Conservatives in Britain were proposing the same sort of cap.

That would be "the same sort of cap" that's actually different.

Initially, I thought this idea stupid, and perhaps many on the right will agree. Then I thought through my own personal preference for shrinking Government and getting them to focus only on core issues. Attacking the government in this way may yield the same result. If Goff wants to run a party based on extreme left wing politics, but is prepared to restrict such ideas only to government, then maybe this is an experiment worth watching?

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