Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Andrei Government Warning - Internet Explorer may harm your PC

Well the French and German Governments have issued this warning anyway.

Needless to say Microsoft have responded claiming the IE8 is the "most secure browser on the market".

I don't know about that, there will always be claims and counter claims but I for one have never been an IE fan.

The thing is you can build a web page which looks perfect in every browser until you try IE whereupon everything goes to hell in a hand basket. Natively IE8 is ok but it has a compatibility mode which if in force actually introduces the idiosyncrasys, actually bugs, which make IE such a pain to have to cater for.

Anyway I use Chrome for now but who knows for the future.

Whatever, I'm not sure the Government issuing software advisories is really step forward.

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ZenTiger said...

Complete waste of tax payer money, and only one of many examples of the government trying to be nanny.

Now that Google are threatening to pull out of China, maybe Microsoft could withdraw from Europe? Give them the "shrug off", so to speak.

PS: Like many consumers, I tried Firefox and are happy with it.

I.M Fletcher said...

When I got my first internet connection it came with a disk that required installing Internet Explorer but I used Netscape instead for a lonnngg time. Eventually I had to switch to IE because it seemed to render sites better. I went to Firefox years ago, and now I am using Iron (which is essentially Google Chrome without the privacy issues).

I still need to use Firefox from time-to-time when I need to use Scrapbook to save pages, or one of the other great plugins. Chrome does have plugins now as well, finally.

I rarely use other browsers, although I will use Safari if I need to save a webpage in Webarchive format (if saves an entire web page in just one file - images and all - which can also be downloaded and viewed on the iPhone or opened in any Safari browser).

The newest version of Opera 10 is interesting, especially for dialup users, as it has a function it calls 'Turbo' which channels the webpages through Opera's servers and replaces the image content with low resolution versions. This is the same thing their Opera Mini does on cellphones to save money and bandwidth. This does work and the low-res images load faster but unfortunately, I found that it often doesn't render ajax properly - eg, on kiwiblog when i would post, it would reload the page content on the right of the page header.

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