Monday, January 11, 2010

Andrei Lesbian Lawmaker and the "gift of life"

Rep. Christine Johnson a member of the Utah house of Representatives has announced that she is acting as a surrogate for two Salt Lake County gay men.

Indeed she is the biological mother of the child and one of the men the biological father. The third member of this troika will have no parental rights under Utah Law.

Needless to say the usual suspects will spin this child as a wonder and in time, if the outcome is not too disastrous the child will become a pawn in the battle to normalize "gay" adoption.

But the first practical question to be asked is - is the infant to be breast fed? And if so how?

And then - how will Christine Johnson really feel about handing over her child when the time comes? Surrogacy arrangements have caused heartache from the outset and when Gays are involved the stakes only get higher.

And how normal is it for a mother to want hand over a new born to someone else - let alone two males?

Call me intolerant if you like but to me this is sheer insanity as well as utterly selfish.

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Redbaiter said...

Its narcissism- the constant that links the Progressives and homosexuality.

MK said...

"And then - how will Christine Johnson really feel about handing over her child when the time comes?"

That never matters to the homos and their leftist allies, they'd just make them a 3 parent family all with equal rights. If they decide to shack up with another homo, then make it 4 parents, come to think of it, why can't all just get married.

The more parents the better isn't it, and i'm sure leftists somewhere have fabricated evidence that having 4+ homo parents is far, far better than just having 2 straight parents.

What about the interests of the child, funny you ask like these clowns give a shit.

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