Thursday, January 21, 2010

ZenTiger There's always a loophole

There's always a bloody loophole. With news that National may whack on a land tax, the real estate agents are already offering "land tax free homes". The depreciation allowance might be lousy, but apparently it comes with a 2 billion dollar credit towards exploration. It's enough to make me want to up anchors and move.

For Sale

Converted Oil Rig, now a palatial residence. 6 tennis courts. One helicopter pad. Guest quarters. Stunning Galley Kitchen. Views of the coast of New Zealand. Own microwave aerial. Crows Nest. Oil heating throughout, with 6000 year supply (based on a family of 4, 30 servants and 10 guests at any one time)

Outdoor pool. Close to fishing.

Phone: Bill Smith, 04 555 555
Reality Real Estate Ltd

Genuine buyers only.
Expecting offers over 1M.
Land Tax = $0
Rates = $0

May qualify as off shore tax haven.

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Ciaron said...

Please place my bid of NZ $22.50

ZenTiger said...

Good man.

Did I tell you, it comes with a bridge?

Ciaron said...

Yeah, I'm thinking of land-banking it .... maybe I'll release it as a subdivision.

MathewK said...

"Oil heating throughout, with 6000 year supply..."


good one.

Shem Banbury said...

Fallen in love with this property already.
Trouble is my wife is a smoker, will this cause any problems as I don't like her smoking inside and I see no balcony.

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