Saturday, January 23, 2010

ZenTiger A solution for Haiti

It's not enough to help the people of Haiti to get back on their feet - that is only a short term goal with short term gains, understandably borne of necessity. What happens after the rescue operations are exhausted and there is only the rebuilding. Where will the money come from? Is charity enough, or must there be some more radical solution?

I think I can solve this problem.

The United Nations is presently located in New York. It is home to thousands of diplomats and bureaucrats. They are themselves a mini economy, as big as any Caribbean country, with tax free salaries frittered away on New York restaurants and shows. The UN building is a little old and shabby, so there are plans for a one BILLION dollar refurbishment. Given that nations are pledging (and have been pledging) vast sums of money to Haiti, I think they could go one better.

Rebuild the United Nations Headquarters in Haiti and in doing so, rebuild Haiti. What better place for the UN workers to work? Neutral ground for sure, and more importantly it could be the first time the UN bureaucracy manages to deliver real opportunity to an impoverished nation.

"Be the solution"

This could be a real coup for Helen Clark, if she wants to take up the reigns and champion the cause. All she has to do is convince the United Nations members that the gravy train stops at Port-au-Prince.

Idea from MercatorNet: UN HQ should relocate to Haiti

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Oswald Bastable said...

An elegant solution!

KG said...

Very-especially if the Haitans are then resettled on another island and we donate a bucket of Instant Sunshine™ to the U.N.

Michael Wynd said...

Good solution, but you would have to drag the UN staff kicking and screaming from their tax-free and diplomatic-immune lives in Manhattan. I cannot image Helen want to leave New York after spending the last ten years aiming for a senior position in the UN.

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