Monday, January 4, 2010

Andrei This is not career enhancing

From the New Zealand Herald

A police officer will appear in court on a disorder charge after allegedly verbally abusing a woman and her young son while on a night out drinking with a colleague.

The Herald understands the two officers were detained in the early hours of Saturday in Papakura.

One of the men is alleged to have approached a woman in a parked car and demanded her name and address.

When she refused, he allegedly told her he was a police officer and pressed his badge against the windscreen.

The woman - whose 11-year-son was in the back of the car - again refused to give the pair her details and told one of the officers that his fly was down.

It's all rather depressing really - whatever happened to the friendly neighborhood bobby?

Or is he a creature of mythology?

Perhaps so but I'd like to think not.

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