Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Lucia German Homeschoolers seek Political Asylum

In the 1930's, Hitler's Germany outlawed home-schooling. All children had to be educated by the State, any who were not were a threat to State hegemony. Post-war, this law was not enforced but remained on the books. Home-schooling, while not common in Germany, nevertheless slowly grew. Until 2006 that is.
But even then a marked sea-change in the government’s attitude was underway, and by 2006, the succeeding Education Minister K. Horstmann, made clear its policy. He warned homeschooling families: “The education administration in future will also not recognize so-called homeschooling and act in proportionate measure considering the individual case and circumstances.”
Proportionate measure has meant fines, threats of prison, armed police storming families' homes to snatch children in the middle of the night.

One family has fled to the US and is currently awaiting a verdict on their request for political asylum.
"If the political asylum application is granted it will be the first time America has ever granted political asylum to Christian home[-]schoolers fleeing from German persecution," said Donnelly.
What's also incredibly interesting about this story is the German Government's statement in 2002 that they would not prosecute home-schoolers because their children "children “are generally not lacking in any other respects.” Yet, by 2006, a complete change of attitude. Just goes to show that just because a law is not enforced, does not mean that it will not be enforced in the future. Should make us here in NZ very nervous in regards to the anti-smacking law. Will our citizens be fleeing to the US in the future seeking political asylum as well?

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KG said...

Even unenforced laws reserve to a government enormous power.
How long before European Jews and Christians fleeing the "progressives" take to leaky boats and make for America?

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