Monday, January 11, 2010

ZenTiger Whaleoil and Name Suppression

I tend to believe there are no such things as coincidences, and coincidentally, many other people share my view.

So is it coincidence that there is yet another name suppression story focusing on an ex MP and the rumour that Whaleoil (Cameron Slater) has posted on this matter, and then the fact that his blog appears dead or offline? [At time of posting of 9pm]

Or perhaps he's been the victim of his own success and exceeded his allotted bandwidth and crashed his server? Possibly the latter. Possibly just coincidence. Time will tell.

NZC has figured out the most likely person hiding behind name suppression, but we are not going to go there. Let's save our civil disobedience for something that weighs heavier on our conscience. Justice will ultimately be done here, or the courts will look foolish for lack of it.

The fact we figured it out who is the former MP named is largely due to the ridiculously obvious clues offered by the media - which should coincidentally provide a very compelling defence for Whaleoil, given all he's done is provide clues in much the same way as the media have.

UPDATE 11:40PM: Or maybe he's laid false trails? Whaleoil is back and bursting bubbles. (No, not the chimp, you dirty minded person)

Hat tip: Home Paddock: Where's Whaeloil?

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And My Name Suppression Point Scoring System.

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Andrei said...

I'm sure its server overload - DPF's server was stressed as well and he cut back on some of the bells and whistles so now he is functioning.

I.M Fletcher said...

According to Stuff, he has hidden the name of the MP in 'computer coding' in his post -

If the computer coding in today's post is converted, it reveals the name of a national figure charged with indecently assaulting a girl aged between 12 and 16. A reporter and police technical staff were amongst those able to decrypt the website entry.

Maybe that's why it's been taken offline?

I.M Fletcher said...

Update, Whale's site is up, and according to his latest post, "The “binary code which, when converted”, does NOT reveals the identity of a defendant."


He seems to be leading them a merry chase.

ZenTiger said...

Indeed, hilarious if his post is spot on, and I have no reason to believe otherwise.

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