Sunday, January 31, 2010

Andrei The Wellsford dog massacre and tougher penalties

More is emerging about this "dog massacre" thing. When this story first emerged I had my doubts - we have had a raft of animal cruelty stories over the past few weeks - stories that churn the stomaches of those of us with normal human empathy.

But this one seems different.

But thirty dogs being kept by an isolated individual living alone in a truck seems like an out of control situation and when it comes down to it, if they hadn't have been shot its seems highly probable the SPCA or the Police would have eventually have had to do the deed.

And if they had how then would have the story been reported?

The reality is for human beings to function and prosper in this world we have to kill things and we do it every day.

City people can divorce themselves from this reality as they select their shrink wrapped lamb chops from the super market freezer but never-the-less animals die that we may live every day.

In any case John Key is going to consider fast tracking legislation to increase penalties for animal cruelty according to the Sunday Star Times.

Which is a populist response but one that shuts the stable door after the horse has bolted because those that inflict unnecessary suffering on animals are people lacking in any sort of empathy and no matter how severe the penalties these individuals will never gain it.

And it is why their are those in our midst who do see the suffering in others, human or animal, as something for their amusement that is the real question.

And if the politicians could find some way of answering that we would all be grateful.

But as it is they shoot from the hip with the only weapon in their arsenal which is more laws and tougher penalties.

And the reason why politicians will never be able to fix this problem no matter how many laws they enact is because they are looking for answers in the wrong place.

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KG said...

"And the reason why politicians will never be able to fix this problem no matter how many laws they enact is because they are looking for answers in the wrong place."

And that applies to almost every political response to problems.

ZenTiger said...

The number of cases I've read over the years where the judge states:

"This is one of the worst cases I've ever had to judge, blah blah blah" and then hands out a sentence of less than the maximum.

I'm always left thinking - if that's the worst case, what on earth do you have to do to be sentenced to the maximum?

That applies equally for cruelty to humans as much as animals.

I'm not sure what the maximum sentences currently are, but I wonder if they are often applied?

As much as I hate animal cruelty, I expect consistency in sentencing crimes. Because I'm not to fussed if animal cruelty laws are hardened, I'll assume this will remain the case, but I'm slightly suspicious the problem is often the judges more than the laws.

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