Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Andrei Ridiculous - the SAS are fighting men and we wouldn't want it any other way

This storm in a teacup over the photographs of Willie Apiata in Kabul is revealing.

According to TVNZ the Government will get a grilling over our role in Afghanistan when it resumes sitting next month.

And for outright lunacy read this from John Minto on the topic.
Political activist John Minto said New Zealand's most decorated living soldier Willie Apiata was "no hero" compared to three peace activists who attacked Marlborough's Waihopai spy base.
"The real heroes of Afghanistan are the three Kiwis who popped the dome two years ago," he said speaking at a protest today (Jan 23) outside the spy base, where up to 40 banner-waving demonstrators shouted "close Waihopai down".
Mr Minto said that Corporal Apiata, who won the Victoria Cross in Afghanistan for rescuing a wounded comrade under enemy fire, "was no hero compared to Sam, Adrian and Peter".
For what its worth - an attack of Western Civilization came out of Afghanistan.

To be sure that attack took place in the United States of America but while directly impacting that nation in terms of carnage it was an attack upon us all. If you doubt me just ponder why it is you have to go through all that rigmarole every time you board a plane.

And while that particular attack remains thus far the most grievous, it was not the last outrage we the West have suffered.

And Afghanistan as a hotbed of Islamist violence was a boil that needed lanced. We need to establish some sort of order there as a matter of self preservation - a tough task but that's what we have soldiers for - thats why we train them and that is what we pay them for.

Keith Locke says the government's credibility is on the line over our role in Afghanistan - nope Keith Locke it is your credibility that is on the line and you have none, I say.

Enough of this silliness, let our guys get on with the job and let us honor them for what they do and let the Keith Lockes and John Mintos posture all they like, they are, in the immortal phrase of General Russel L. Honoré - Stuck on Stupid.

We will have to wait until Parliament resumes to see where Labour sits on this.

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KG said...

No comment's necessary on the demented ravings of Minto et al.

Look, at the very least, since NZ has the SAS their work in Afghanistan (and elsewhere) is keeping their skills current.No doubt the media will have a field day if they lose one or two guys but even in training on friendly turf that's to be expected.
The hysterical posturing in the MSM and by the enemies of liberty are what happens when uninformed civilians try to second-guess the pros.

Dave said...

Minto's rediculous comments aside ...

KG is right - Afghanistan is important to keep SAS skills current.

However, anyone who believes that America (et al) can do what England, India and Russia could not achieve is optimistic beyond any measure of sanity.

Murray said...

Lets send minto to Afghanistan so he can get up in Willies face and tell him in person.

I'll chip in for the airfare.

KG said...

I'll film it.

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