Wednesday, January 20, 2010

ZenTiger Lessons learned from Copehagen

Well, I'm surprised it took nearly a month. The reason there was failure at Copenhagen? Democracy. Who needs it?
Democracy, an emerging argument holds, is an inappropriate and ineffective political system to meet the challenges of the consequences of climate change in politics and society, particularly in the area of necessary emission reductions. Democratically organized societies are too cumbersome to avoid climate change; they act neither timely nor are they responsive in the necessary comprehensive manner. The "big decisions" to be taken need a strong state. The endless debate should end. We have to act -- that is the most important message. And that is why democracy in the eyes of these observers becomes an inconvenient democracy.

Via Contra Celsum: Dictatorship - I'll vote for that

Image from the source article: The Inconvenient Truth

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