Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Andrei Isn't it ironic

The usual suspects are condemning Pope Pius XII for not denouncing the Holocaust loudly enough during World War II and yet there is a Holocaust underway today which Pope Benedict XVI and his predecessors have all spoken out against, both loudly and unambiguously

A condemnation these people for the most part choose to ignore.

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Sean said...

Yes indeed Andrei. Farrar justifies abortion in quite the flakiest of manners: his ideology of pro-choice in almost all aspects of society seems to have blurred his sight of the boundaries at times.

Anonymous said...

I am not sure I can recall the specific passage in the bible that forbids abortion, but I do know that somewhere between 20-25% of all pregnancies are miscarriages. Do you count those numbers in the "holocaust"?

ZenTiger said...

Don't need to.

Anonymous said...

Why not? Surely they were just as human and are now just as dead.

ZenTiger said...

Why not? Because the number of abortions (an act to deliberately terminate a living human in embryonic or fetal stage of growth) is truly horrific.

Why not?

Because it would obviously confuse the issue.

It would be like talking about the number of murders per year in New Zealand, and then you suggest we add in the number of people that died from heart attack, because they are all ex-human, dead people.

Not really relevant to the point.

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