Tuesday, January 5, 2010

ZenTiger Non Possumus and 1080

Our blog byline is "Sine dominico non possumus". I came across a comment from Adolf at No Minister, made back in 2008:

Is it really true? Does your motto actually mean 'No domination without possums?'

He wasn't far wrong. Except for the meaning and all. However, it got me thinking how the possum offensive was going in New Zealand, and if I had ever done any posts about 1080 poison. Seems I haven't except for this gem:

Mass Murder in the Killing Fields of Fox Glacier

and I came across a story early in 2009 about mice deliberately infected with Bubonic Plague under the careful control and extremely high security of some scientists. Until the mice were lost:

Of mice and men

No domination without possums? Well, it's a plan I suppose.

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Murray said...

Note to the team: Our cover has been blown, open your sealed instructions now.

Cry havok and let slip the gerbils of war!

ZenTiger said...

Indeed, I think things have become so serious, we must finally resort to the gerbils of war.

There is no such thing as overkill.

Murray said...

We call it a "disprortionate weight of fire".

Although I've yet to meet a section commander who believed any such thing exisits.

Ozy Mandias said...

Here I thought all you guys at NZC were players in New Zealand's possums industry.

I had in my mind all of you wearing possum fur hats, sweaters and pants. A little itchy for me but each to his own.

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