Thursday, January 14, 2010

ZenTiger Has Climate Change Cursed Haiti?

What the? Actor and self described activist Danny Glover is using the Haiti earthquake as an example of our failure to respond to Copenhagen:

"We are all in peril because of Global Warming; We are all in peril because of Climate Change ... when we look back at what we did at the climate summit in Copenhagen - this is the response - this is what happens ..."

I'm not sure an earthquake qualifies as an extreme weather event.

Earthquakes are the kind of disaster that falls into the category "Act of God", and God will cop the most blame for this, although the new Climate Change religionists appear keen to blame their own God.

Which leads me to the conclusion that no matter how well we integrate faith and reason, and even if Dawkins got his wish and all religion disappeared from this planet, we would still be left with dumb people.

Now I suppose I need to qualify this statement. I think people have an inbuilt questioning nature, and this questioning leads them to look for causes to events, and that is a healthy thing. Our ability to think in the abstract allows us to imagine the unimaginable, and postulate upon the intangible. There may well be an in built desire to seek God, as much as a desire to understand the world in which we live. Pure rationalism, without faith (substitute morality if you will, and we'll discuss the reason I prefer to make a distinction another day) is incapable of measuring the value of life in a truly human way. Equally, faith without reason can lead us to superstition and substitution of false idols.

I'm not sure how we solve the problem, because well educated idiots may remain idiots, and zealous fools may resist reason.

So the best action we can take right now is to put all that aside and get stuck in and see how many lives we can save. That to me sounds eminently rational and moral.

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Gooner said...

ZenTiger said...

Geez Gooner, they really are blaming Earthquakes on Global Warming (via Glacier retreat)!

The fact the Haiti is a tropical country is probably no barrier to this theory being adapted in some way.

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