Saturday, January 16, 2010

Andrei Scott Ritter's weapon of personal destruction

Scott Ritter, the United Nations chief weapon inspector in Iraq during the critical period 1991-1998 has been pinged for soliciting sex with under age girls on the internet.

He was arrested after masturbating on a web cam for the benefit of a "fifteen year old girl".

Turns out the thirteen year old girl was in reality a Pennsylvanian flatfoot posing as a thirteen year old girl.

Nor is this the first time Mr Ritter has been caught out this way.

All of which makes me wonder - if a Pennsylvanian Plod can fool Scott Ritter into believing he is a fifteen year old girl then he never really stood a chance against Saddam Hussein.

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ZenTiger said...

Good point. Perhaps he got too friendly with Uday and let his habits be known?

Reggie said...

There was an interesting show called To Catch A Preator on the CI channel last week. It featured these people . .

. . catching sexual predators stalking minors in chatrooms. There are some seriously maladjusted people out there.

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