Friday, January 15, 2010

ZenTiger Amnesty NZ and Gitmo

Amnesty International have found time to make a press release urging New Zealand to take on Gitmo residents. With Hillary Clinton's visit (now postponed due to the Haiti quake) they were expecting New Zealand to put pressure on Clinton over Gitmo.

They also want us to guarantee the safety of these alleged terrorists should they be released back into the wild:

Amnesty International is urging the New Zealand Government to offer international protection to Guantanamo Bay detainees at risk of torture or other serious human rights violations if returned to their home countries.

The press release seemed to say nothing about serious human rights abuses in North Korea and other world hot spots, but did find time to campaign on Climate Change.

On Climate Change they had the cheek to write this:

State failure to act effectively to curb climate change could result in widespread violations of the rights to life, health, water, food, and the right to housing. It is crucial that states apply a human rights framework when developing and implementing their climate change policies, to ensure that such policies do not themselves undermine human rights.

If they want to be fair about it, they could also suggest that the State implementing the kind of cuts demanded by Climate Change lobby groups would be more likely to undermine human rights by simply destroying entire economies.

As for Gitmo, they should just phone Obama. He's promised to get all of the Gitmo residents out of there by 2010. Which is about now. Seems no-one wants the last 50 or so (or is it 100?). Perhaps they can double bunk at the AI offices around the world?

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