Monday, January 4, 2010

ZenTiger When sin becomes virtue

A psychologist has suggested sin is a virtue. It's OK to be dishonest with your wife, she suggests. Furthermore, it is a right to be unfaithful. For a man, infidelity is good, for a women, well they have the kids and the kitchen, and of course utter sexual devotion to their husband. The man, well, those things are not enough you understand, so he must attain more by being dishonest with her.

"If you want your marriage to last a long time, then cheat on your wife discretely. Lie to your wife with intelligence"

I think we can see what drives the psychologist with her examples. Also this:

"I would have liked him to stray a little. But no, he was too lazy. so who got lumbered with him every evening? Who had to put up with the same, big panting body every night?"

Luckily, French Psychologist Maryse Vaillant is divorced so doesn't have to worry about such a situation. Unless she can seduce that unfaithful man.

Her thesis gets more alarming*, as she suggests it is OK for men to hit women or children. Occasional violence is fine with her.

"Just as men have a stronger sex drive than women, they are more physical and need to express themselves with force. A little slap here or there will release the pressure and make for a better marriage. Only too often, we see the effects of years of non-violence, until finally, rather than a wee slap they up and kill their wife and children. If your husband lies, cheats on you and slaps you around you actually have a good husband. Fidelity is over-rated."

* Notez bien: I have been a little dishonest with Maryse's thesis. I can only presume she will admire this small indiscretion with her work. At this stage, her book does not include the suggestion that physical abuse is OK, only dishonesty and infidelity. However, I may not be unfaithful to her general theory, and I may have predicted the topic of her follow up book - only time will tell.

Husbands, this book is making an ideal present for wives. If you would like to practice your intelligent lies, then you can do no better than to start with this book as a present. You will then learn one very important lesson. There is no such thing as an intelligent lie.

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