Friday, January 15, 2010

ZenTiger Irony Overdose Continues

DimPost critiques David Farrar who critiques the Standard on the grounds that someone wrote something silly in their comments section. (In the immediately preceding post one of DPFs commentators celebrates what a great stroke of luck the earthquake was for Haiti.)

Says a commenter at DimPost: I was going to find something stupid, vicious, nasty and/or moronic over in the comments at Kiwiblog as an example, but then I realised that’d be like shooting fish in a barrel with nothing in it but dead fish. With a machine gun.

Shooting dead fish in a barrel with a machine gun? That's what you call polite nastiness. This illustrates two things:

1. This is a common feature of most blogs, and that's the nature of the beast.

2. DimPost's own threads are not exempt. I actually think they are funnier, because most of the commenters there love slagging off other bloggers in this false sort of politeness that just comes across as sounding like they are a bit up themselves. I'm being a bit unfair though, because there is no question these guys are our intellectual superiors, so their smug superiority is probably well founded.

PS: Such is my sense of humour, that I have written this post in such a way to continue the irony. We might be able to get this post transferred across the entire blogopshere, like some kind of "add your name to the bottom of the list and pass it on" email. Then again, no-one may comment after all. Maybe I host the world's politest blog ;-)

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