Saturday, January 30, 2010

ZenTiger Flabby Websites

I am so glad we don't do advertisements on this blog.

There's been a fair few websites I've visited recently that run advertisements down the sidebar, in the middle of news articles and across the top page. And a fair few of those (or perhaps the ones I am unable to zone out of my mind) show flab, fat and pale white skin. 

After getting an eyeful of the before and the promise of the after, one presumably sends money in exchange for pills or a mysterious non-surgical stomach stapling product that requires monthly payments. The result might be lean, ripped and muscular men, or toned, athletic and shapely woman, but it's all just too much information when it's on every fourth web page.

I haven't seen any enticements for steroids though, but what do you reckon with these photos?  Surely, impossible even with 12 eggs in every meal?

So don't worry, NZC will stay advertisement free when it comes to weight loss products. Is that good news? Well, this message was made possible by our sponsor. Email me for a free catalogue, and send no money now.

4 comment(s):

mojo said...

Dunno Zen ... vitamin D enriched, rippling muscles, >er than 40% of body exposed & blue eyes ... there is something awfully alluring about such ... blog numbers up?

arshad said...

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macdoctor said...

Yes, Zen, there is no way that either of the above two deformed people could ever have acheived that without serious steroids...

Ozy Mandias said...

I am sure many more athletes then we think are using steroids. Why else could they be so much better than me!!!!!

Glad about the ads. Someone has to stand against the tide.

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