Saturday, January 16, 2010

ZenTiger France to Ban the Burqa

Three Muslim women on holiday[A post on evolution]

In 2004 France banned the public display of large crucifixes, and got rid of the Sikh turbans and Jewish skull caps. That legislation also banned Muslim girls from wearing headscarves in state schools.

Now they are looking to ban the burqa (actually, just the veil or niqab). This could do wonders for the photography industry, as more and more Muslim women consider their holiday snaps.

On the other hand, such a move might result in destroying Richard Dawkins' latest evolutionary experiment.

In his latest book "The Greatest Show On Earth" he talked about how a species of fish were placed in multiple tanks, with a variety of environmental factors designed to trigger evolutionary responses. Sure enough, male fish in one tank evolved colourful spots to attract females, fish in another took on the colour of the rocks or sand to evade predators and so forth.

Wearing a niqab leads to evolutionary changes in the eyesIt has been enough generations of Muslims to start testing for extremely attractive ankles and eyes, or perhaps males with x-ray vision. France changing the law at this point can only interfere with nature and deny us seeing the next step.

On the other hand, if this move goes ahead maybe we are seeing the next step in western evolution? Freedoms are slowly eroded in the effort to make every one exactly equal. It's a weird thought to think that removing the Burqa is exchanging one submission for another. From a western cultural viewpoint, the move makes sense and the rule "when in Rome" completely demolishes the lefts mantra of multi-culturalism, yet the cost is potentially high.

Evolutionary wise, the response may be a society of metro-sexual male and females, that look the same, dress the same and binge drink the same. Perhaps we will eventually evolve into worker ants with the Queen someone like President Nicolas Sarkozy or Helen Clark?


French Striptease Show

Sarkozy says what you wear in the bedroom is no concern, but we don't want to see this sort of thing in public

UPDATE: France might back off slightly on the proposed legislation (at least the amount of the fine - over 1,000 euros). However, my point about evolution in action still stands, because look who is wearing the niqab:

Sarkozy has been trying to calm emotions over the niqab since his "national debate" on French identity veered into an argument about Muslim immigrants. Though some of the intellectual world are campaigning for a ban, the thinking classes mainly regard the fuss with distaste. Niqab-wearing is on the rise as an act of defiance by women from the Muslim banlieue, but the matter has been wildly inflated. No more than about 2,000 women in France wear full face-covering, according to the police intelligence service. They are nearly all young, two thirds are French citizens and a quarter of them are converts.

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MathewK said...

I'm starting to hear more of this in other parts of Europe to.

"Niqab-wearing is on the rise as an act of defiance by women from the Muslim banlieue...."

It'll be interesting to see which politician has the balls to enforce this law. Especially as all those muslim children born in Europe, hating Europe, approach voting age.

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