Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Andrei Worrying News just in from the Guardian

World's glaciers continue to melt at historic rates

Meanwhile some better glacier news may be found here

And if you are still confused about where we are at with climate Change then this article in yesterdays Herald is unlikely to help you. It is merely a regurgitation of the talking points true believers have learned by rote and is a somewhat tired rendition of them in the question/answer format beloved by Government propagandists and loathed by those with brains since the questions are never the ones we want answered.

Anyway we all know the next really big story in Climate Change is on its way and it wont be about Glaciers, Corals or the Amazon rain forest- no it will be about this man and the ethics of his financial dealings. Indeed the linked story is the top story in the BBC's Environment section at time of posting.

And that has to be worrying news for him.

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Michael Wynd said...

The man's chicanery, feather-bedding, conflict-of-interest is for all to see. How much longer he will stay on is a matter of weeks. There may be negotiations now for him to slip quietly away with a excuse that satisfies all parties. It goes to show how unreal and idiotic the IPCC are and how they were so arrogant that they thought they could get away with it.


ZenTiger said...

World Glaciers continue to melt at alarming rates, based apparently on records only from 1980.

If so, this makes it difficult to evaluate the likelihood of AGW, because some glaciers have been retreating since last century, and it was thought to be more from deforestation in the mountains below than temperature climb.

Which underscores I think a generally safe interim solution whilst we continue to argue about this - and that is a general drive to sustainability and resource management.

This doesn't need a global taxation system though, but it does need better cooperation.

What a refreshing change we might find to problem solving if we took the international taxation and profiteering out of the equation.

I suspect local initiatives, multiplied out would create the grassroots campaign better than top down management by people who will live life to the larger, get rich of this, and still demand to jet around the world to hold meetings regardless of the environmental damage they do.

AGW is regarded as a joke because the jokers offering the solution are acting like clowns.

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