Saturday, January 23, 2010

Andrei The Airport screener and the Co-ed

The enemies of civilization have won many victories over the past few years.

One of the ways we feel their impact is the inconveniences we undergo when flying.

And here is a sorry tale of a young woman flying to Detroit, go read it for yourself and then come back.

And we now live in an age where it has become a cartoon cliché to strip search grandmothers and to see the stuffed toys of children flying with their parents as potentially lethal items which need to be X-rayed. And all the while ignoring the obvious pointers to those who are really problematical passengers lest we give offense.

Indeed not giving offense to our enemies is our prime directive - all the while inconveniencing and sometimes offending the harmless innocent amongst us.

Well my friends I'm offended by the story I linked above, but just imagine for a moment the protagonist in this story was a swarthy bearded man rather than a pretty young student.

Can you imagine the ruckus it would cause?

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KG said...

Meanwhile, we have this:
'Terrorist supporting Muslim professors green lighted into America'

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