Wednesday, January 27, 2010

ZenTiger Phil Goff - Santa Claus to Ordinary Kiwis

Danyl suggests that Goff is busy trying to fool New Zealanders that Labour is not out of touch with Brash's mainstream Kiwi:

The point is that Labour doesn’t need to employ marketing tricks to dupe ‘ordinary’ New Zealanders into thinking they represent them, since (in theory, at least) they actually DO represent them.

Except ordinary New Zealanders might keep voting for Santa Claus policies, but there are only so many toys that can be made in the back of a shed using slave labour Elves and infrequent delivery dates (ideally yearly, but typically once every three years). It just isn't sustainable, even when times are good.

And then many people started getting upset at being told that if you are going to accept toys, expect to be treated like children, and do what nanny says. Nanny then started making a list, as all nannies eventually do, on who was naughty and who was nice. Smack your own kid? Naughty. Shower too strong? Naughty. Light too mercury free? Naughty. Parking too long? Naughty. Breathing out to much CO2, very naughty. Earning too much? Disgustingly naughty? Growing into a tall poppy? The worst kind of naughty.

Those Labour pains are back again, even with Key running the elven union. Whispers are starting: "Eating too much food?" Have a biscuit and a stomach staple. Managed to pay off your mortgage? Land Tax. Haven't contributed to the football stadium? GST up to 15%.

Danyl's "In theory at least", is as much, "in theory at most".

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Uncle Honky said...

Lucky Nanny got given the boot in November 2008 otherwise we would all of been very naughty in one way or another.

Ciaron said...

I would propose that the last time Labour were truly for ordinary Kiwi's was when my grandparents were voting for them.
until the turn of this century, most of my family would have voted labour, and yet I never have. I remember my family being very anti national, an attitude I adopted during my secondary school years, however, once I started earning, and seeing exactly how much the government steals, my attitude changed pretty quick.

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