Monday, January 11, 2010

Fletch Hone At It Again!

Yep, Hone is at it again as a news story on Stuff reports on remarks he made this weekend -

Hone Harawira says white New Zealanders reacted badly to his controversial "white mother....ers" remark because they don't like "looking at themselves in the mirror".
"Last year I made the statement that white so-and-sos have been raping our lands and ripping us off and everyone hated me. All I was doing was holding up a mirror to New Zealand."
When are the Maori party going to do something about this guy? Surely they can't let him keep spouting off this racist nonsense. I know they censured him for the end of last year, but he's started off the New Year with the same old rubbish!

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KG said...

White New Zealanders perhaps don't like looking at themselves in the mirror because what they see looking back is a slave, sentenced to work for those with an entitlement mentality based on skin pigment.
When people like Harawira thank white Kiwis for the benefits of civilisation I'll begin to listen to what they say with something other than contempt.

Redbaiter said...

John Key's strategy of cosying up to racists has given the members of this separatist political force a degree of power that they would otherwise not have had.

Nowadays it seems as if they can get away with anything, and there is nothing that anyone can do about it.

Wouldn't have happened if Key had left them to die a slow political death on the opposition benches.

More incredibly bad judgment by Key and National.

ZenTiger said...

My recent satirical comment about a certain "HH" rings true yet again.

Who needs satire?

MathewK said...

Someone tell that poisonous moron that he'd best hand that suit, tie and them glasses back to the white rapists. And probably the razor blade he used to shave that ass on top of his neck.

dad4justice said...

How long must sane New Zealanders have to put up with the gutter rhetoric from the scoundrel big mouthed Hone sod? Enough is enough. It is way past time to give this piece of vile trash a lesson in manners. John Key and his band of gutless weaklings can’t do anything, as they’re just pathetic lost in space - pc utopian political dropkicks. What a disgusting mess this country has become.

KG said...

I'm curious to know where Fletch got hold of a pic of Harawira with his mouth shut..

Ciaron said...

KG, It's photoshoped...

Hone Harawira: telling like it is since 1889.

KG said...

Sigh...for one happy moment I thought somebody had superglued his lips.

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