Thursday, January 14, 2010

Andrei Give us more more more ....

John and Wikatana Popata are occupying land they say is theirs, it isn't, while John Key weighs in expressing "concern" calling their occupation "inappropriate".

Meanwhile Ngati Kahu chief negotiator Margaret Mutu expresses her views and now we can see the long term game plan.

None of the settlements Maori had made with the Crown to date were full and final, and future generations, led by Maori like the Popata brothers, would come back to the Crown for more.

Ngati Kahu had set out what it considered a full and final settlement for the Far North would look like. "What we got offered was far, far less," Ms Mutu said.

Her people had directed her to accept the deal "for now".

The agreement in principle will be signed by Treaty Negotiations Minister Chris Finlayson with five tribes at Roma Marae in Ahipara on Saturday. It covers the return to Maori of the Aupouri State Forest, seven farms, Ninety Mile Beach and properties from the Government's landbank for claim settlements.

And New Zealand continues down the path that transformed Rhodesia into Zimbabwe.

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ZenTiger said...

There's some synchronicity to our posts, made within minutes of each other :-)

Redbaiter said...

"And New Zealand continues down the path that transformed Rhodesia into Zimbabwe."

With John Key leading the way and carrying the separatist flag high.

KG said...

The Marxist mindset is alive and well. I don't trust myself to comment further, not in polite company.

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