Saturday, January 9, 2010

ZenTiger Sea Shepherds Hunted by Wolves?

After seeing a couple of different video clips on the Sea Shepherd Tri-Cat colliding with the Japanese Whaling ship, it looked to me a case of both parties playing chicken, and the Sea Shepherd losing. The latest video over at MacDoctor (and probably thousands of other sites) puts a much different spin on the accident.

Accident it may be, but it looks to me that the Sea Shepherd was more a passive victim than the protagonist, at least in this battle, and the captain of the Whaler has some serious explaining to do.

Prior to the collision the Sea Shepherd crew were relaxed and happy, having felt like they had a successful day of playing cat and mouse. Evidently, the Japanese Whaler wasn't quite prepared to call it a day, and came in close for a water gun attack. The Tri-Cat had been powered down and was in no position to move out of the way when a late direction change by the Whaler, either accidentally or purposefully, caused the collision.

It may be a case of "those that live by the sword, shall die by the sword", and the photo shows them a few days earlier, preparing to fire projectiles designed to tangle around the Whalers propeller. However, on this particular occasion it looks to me that the sushi ship was the one flying the pirate flag.

This is like an episode of Lost, where a bit more of the story unfolds with each new viewpoint revealed. Is this really a pilot for a new reality TV show? I wonder what the next video will reveal?

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I.M Fletcher said...

It's been described in the press before as looking like Batman's bat-boat. Perhaps they felt up for some heroics. Nananananananananananananananana - Batman!!

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