Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Andrei Well that worked out well - didn't it?

Get this guy, he along with nine other sorry individuals, including John Minto, are upset that 22 year old Israeli Shahar Peer is competing at the ASB ASB Classic in Auckland.

So in veteran protester style they set themselves up out side the venue with loud hailers and drums. Then as her match began started chanting "blood, blood on your hands", "freedom for Palestine", "go home, Shahar" and banging on their drums.

Well after the first they were dispersed and this fellow arrested.

But Shahar Peer wasn't rattled by all of this - not at all rather it was her opponent that was.

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ZenTiger said...

Far too many people have been beaten to death with tennis rackets to sit quietly by...although I would have thought random rocket fire into the stadium would have been more in keeping with a typical Palestinian protest?

I.M Fletcher said...

I am disgusted by Minto and his cadre. What a load of wankers. Leave the poor girl alone!
They make me sick.

Medusa said...


what a revolting individual, after looking at it I feel the need for a shower

Canterbury Atheists said...

Agree 100%!

These anti-Semites (Minto, Wakim etc all products of a ‘good’ Catholic education I might add) need to all get proper-jobs, a decent shower and a hair-cut – before boarding the plane on a one-way ticket to their beloved Palestine.

It’s outrageous, offensive and an embarrassment to the country we have bigots wanting to see the end of The Jewish State of Israel & supporting terrorist-lead governments openly parading on our streets.

Shahar Peer has never suffered these attacks on her country anywhere else she has played around the globe – and that includes Dubai.

Frankly the protesters actions will do nothing for their cause.



scrubone said...

Funny, according to that authority on the subject, the Tumeke! blog, Israel took over Palestine last year - it's gone.

(Somehow that happened without any reporting from the MSM.)

Yet here we are still talking about it...

scrubone said...

Like the new look BTW.

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