Saturday, January 2, 2010

ZenTiger Blog Stats for December 2009

I haven't done the blog stats for a couple of months, but they seem pretty close. December is also a time to list the stats for the year, so that's what I have done. Looking at the 3 year history of the blog, there is a steady increase in unique visits from year to year; wonder if this will continue?

I've also thrown in stats on the most popular resolutions and operating systems, based on the last 10,000 visits or so. Chrome does well, until you add in ALL the different Firefox versions. Safari is also showing some strength, but there are low numbers recorded for Mac OS. There's a definite Mac community out there, but Windows continues to dominate.

The stats for December
Page Loads : 10864 (9144, 9056, 11,094)
Average per day - 350

Unique Visitors : 6545 (5846, 5814, 6413)
Average per day - 211

Posts : 63
Comments : 317
Most comments for one post: 48

Technorati Authority : 544 (Note: Authority system seems to have changed!)
Alexa Ranking : 398063
NZ Alexa Ranking : 469

Here's my calculation for the Tumeke NZ Blogosphere Statistics based on the following formula:

+ 211 (Daily Unique visitor traffic from Statcounter)
+ 54 (Technorati Authority x .1)
+ 14 (Posts: 63/31*7)
+ 24 (Comments: (48+17+16+16) /4)*

= 303

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